Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me?
Am I Using Content Or Is Content Using Me?

THAT'S THE QUESTION INNIT????? Seriously though, this is a banging and revelatory record: Raime have radically overhauled their style, or at least switched lanes, pivoting away from their patented post-punk dread and drone-logic and towards lean, tensile, ultra-synthetic street-beats - foregrounding the snake-style garage/grime DNA that was always present, if obliquely, in their previous work. In some ways this EP for longtime allies Different Circles feels like the music they should've been making all along, or certainly its inevitable destination. There's still that undertow of existential angst (COURSE there is!), and despite the change-up it's still immediately recognisable as them (who else programmes drums and stabs like that?!). But essentially here they have a break from staring down the void and instead channel the acute, eyes-to-phone isolation/claustrophobia/frustration of contemporary London life'n'living into hard-hitting music that above all feels playful, free, and ripe for the DANCE (or else riding a rammed overground train in tropical heat). Essential purchase!  




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