Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Pit Piccinelli ‎

Amazonia 6891
Walter Maioli, Fred Gales, Pit Piccinelli ‎
Amazonia 6891

"This is one of the best long-lost treasure from the 80s: one long composition filled with raw sounds from the jungle, natural objects and electronic treatment. The idea to evoke a deep journey in the Amazon rainforest has affected various musicians in the history of popular and experimental music, but compared to other works the rare Amazonia 6891, released only on cassette in 1986, appears totally original and extreme in its conception.

"Here, the interest in ethnomusicology of the expert Walter Maioli (of the Aktuala and Futuro Antico projects) is linked to a precise and comprehensive ecological, botanical, ethological and ethnographic perspective. In fact, starting from the sound recording of the ethnographer Pit Piccinelli's collection of natural objects, the collected material for this work is re-elaborated in different times by the anthropologist and electronic pioneer Fred Gales and by Maioli himself.

"The result of this multi-disciplinary approach is a long concrete poem of plant organisms, fields recordings of verses and calls of tropical animals futuristically mixed with electronic sounds, as already happened for the great experimental trials of Futuro Antico and Ariel Kalma's Osmose. To listen to this imaginative collage is to look inside a precious cabinet of antiquities and curiosity whose wonders of multi-coloured cellular fragments are shaped in the synthesis of a single universal sound matter. The merger between the wild jungle, the mysterious voices of the Indians and the oscillation of the electronic waves creates a spasmodic tension between amazing and heavenly moments, obscure paths and alien sequences.

"Amazonia 6891 is a magic trip into the unknown wild, into the abyss of creation of kaleidoscopic floras and faunas, and a proposal for a synaesthetic and multi-sensory experience." - Black Sweat


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