El Sueño de Hyparco

Ambientes Hormonales
El Sueño de Hyparco
Ambientes Hormonales

Barcelona record shop Discos Paradiso launches its new Urpa i Musell label in style with this reissue of a coveted LP from Antonio Dyaz. El Sueño Hyparco’s Ambientes Hormonales was originally released in 1990 on the Spanish label Hyades Arts. Strongly influenced by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, it is many ways the missing link beween the 80's New Music movement in Madrid and explosion of contemporary electronic music throughout Spain in the early 90s. The original pressing has been on a lot of people's wantlists for a very long time, and it's entirely deserving of its cult status: from the sepulchral, minimal industrial of 'Danza Metamorfica - Unwandlung Tanz' (reminiscent of Luis Delgado/Mecanica Popular or, further afield, Pelican Daughters) to more expressive new age synthscapes and even, on 'Rhodas', IFM-friendly disco-funk, it feels like the quintessential "lost" electronic album of its era. 

First edition of 500, with original artwork reproduced, plus a new insert with liner notes by Antonio Dyaz aka Klaus Böhlmann. 




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