Lightning In A Twilight Hour

And All The Ships At Sea
Lightning In A Twilight Hour
And All The Ships At Sea

Brilliant, brilliant mini-LP from the current project of Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice). Atmosphere, soundscaping, call it what you will - it's always been pretty important to Wratten, indivisible from his songwriting in post-Mice concerns Northern Picture Library, The Occasional Keepers and Trembling Blue Stars, but this recent offering from LIATH has a gravitas, and a seemingly effortless psychedelic intensity, that sets it apart, eclipsing even last year's excellent Fragments Of A Former Moon LP. The whole thing is divine, but Side Two is really special - the only worthy comparisons that come to mind are Bremen or the most strung-out instrumental passages of Tropic of Cancer. The woozy strum of 'Notebooks' dissolves into the epic astral melancholia of 'Lenticular Clouds (For Roy Montgomery)' - Wratten's lonesome, lyrical guitar has never sounded this good, and for that matter I'm not sure Montgomery's has either - and finally the stoic, glacial (!) ambience of 'My Own Antartica', before a poignant, slight return to the kind of brittle, bittersweet pop lament that Wratten practically invented. "Do I have to return to the land of the living?" a female voice coos, not unreasonably. Edition of 500 on Elefant Records, includes download code. Seriously, buy this record before it passes you by. You will not regret it.


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