Television Personalities

Are We Nearly There Yet?
Television Personalities
Are We Nearly There Yet?

“Christ, Pete Doherty does 3 weeks in Wandsworth and he's the new Johnny Cash! Guess I must be the new James Brown/Albert [sic] Lee/Brian Wilson put together!”

As well as being one of the most heroically sloppy and destitute-sounding entries in the TVPs catalogue (a heavily contested mantle!), Are We Nearly There Yet, recorded in the summer of 2005 just after Dan Treacy had got out of prison and before he signed to Domino, is also one of my favourites - about as DIY and solo as the "band" ever got, and still never been released on vinyl. Even in his precocious youth Dan wasn’t one to worry too much about hitting the notes or keeping time, but by this point he’s practically given up altogether - which only accentuates the effortless offhand brilliance of the songs and their lyrics (he’s seemingly the only man in history whose sense of humour wasn't obliterated hard drugs), honed while doing his stretch on HMP The Weare off the Dorset coast. There’s a couple of incredible covers too, including a shit-into-gold take on a 2000s pop/indie staple that you can play at my funeral if you like (but please on’t play the original by mistake lol!)- and which rides the thin line between pathos and pisstake, between not giving a fuck and caring very deeply, as only Television Personalities can.

2007 CD release on Overground.





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