Zru Vogue

Assembly For Body Movements
Zru Vogue
Assembly For Body Movements

Lovely stuff from Bay Area dreamboats Zru Vogue, best known to us for their haunting post-punk/Balearic classic ‘Nakweda Dream’. That track doesn’t feature on this suavely obscurist comp from French label M.E.A., but its amazing and much frothed-over B-side - entrancing Fawf World hypnobeat workout ‘Cumulonimbus’ - does, along with cuts culled from 1984’s self-released Now! cassette (special mention for ‘The Artist’, a collagistic avant-funk bomb with echoes of Maximum Joy and Remain In Light), plus a brace of solid 2011 compositions unveiled here for the first time. Edition of 200.

“Looks like more pyjama music.” - Kenny.


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