F ingers

Awkwardly Blissing Out
F ingers
Awkwardly Blissing Out

Second album proper from F ingers, the scattered trio of Samuel Karmel, Tarquin Manek and LC's own Carla dal Forno.

We need to talk about the title track, which some of you may recognise from a very limited 2015 BEB cassette compilation. Far from dulling its sheen, time has brought the song's skewed genius into focus: 'Awkwardly Blissing Out' is dub-damaged pop - or, more accurately, pop-damaged dub -  mapped onto the infinite wave, and a homage to David Cunningham's spaciest rebuilds of Jah Lloyd, with dal Forno's mumbled plainchant diffracted across Manek's supple rhythmic basslines, sputtering percussion and a moody one-note synth that hangs like mist (and for some reason makes me think of Underworld's 'Dark And Long' (Dark Train Mix) - no bad thing).

The rest of the album has its work cut out matching 'Awkwardly''s horizontal majesty, but comes close enough: 'My Body Next To Yours' feels like one of the most extreme meetings of dub and song-form ever pressed to the black, like 'O Superman' has been smashed into a thousand pieces then reassembled from memory, revealing previously unimagined symmetries. 'All Rolled Up' again is more rhythm-driven than previous F ingers has led us to expect, a frayed torch-song crying out to be deployed on the dancefloor (or on some distorted Black Lodge mirror image of it), Carla like a crumpled Beth Gibbons, Manek and Karmel's electronics subtly cresting and cresting. Elsewhere on the album there are echoes of the heavier, harsher death-folk vibes of previous LP Hide Before Dinner, and they bring a perfect balance to the more aerial numbers.

What a record. Hard to think of many - any? - contemporary groups capable of making music so vigorously experimental and demonstrably insane but aso tastes like bubblegum. If you've ever wondered what the equation Garbage & The Flowers times Conny Plank divided by Black Ark equals, you can put away your calculator now. A future classic, make no mistake. 



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