Smith & Mighty

B-Line Fi Blow / Living In Unity
Smith & Mighty
B-Line Fi Blow / Living In Unity


2017 re-press. Where does the time go? It's seven years since Pev revived these two stone-cold Bristol classics for his Punch Drunk archival sub-label Unearthed - feels like yesterday - and some fifteen years (doesn't quite feel like yesterday, but still) since their original release: 'B-Line Fi Blow' on Smith & Mighty's !K7 2002 swansong Life Is... and 'Living In Unity' on Rob Smith's underrated 2003 solo album Up On The Downs. The Niji 40-singjayed former has to be one of the most immediate and ebullient cuts in the S&M catalogue, a subs-driven ragga-garage number that should, like so many of their productions, have been a pop smash. Rootical breakbeat roller 'Living In Unity' is a deeper, but no less rousing or anthemic track: the swallow-dive string pads, wrecking ball bassline and Ghadian's positivist call to arms (you may take issue with his suggestion that you read your bible daily) combining to create something as quintessentially Bristolian as some strong spliff and a moan about London. Flawless masterpiece. 



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