Mirage (Source Direct)

Bewildered (2018 Remaster)
Mirage (Source Direct)
Bewildered (2018 Remaster)

"After a 20-year hiatus, respected 90’s D&B imprint Odysee Recordings launches its return with a digital re-master and remix of Bewildered. Originally released in 1995 (ODY04), this track featured on the first E.P. under the ‘Mirage’ moniker; a collaboration between Jim Baker (Source Direct) and Odysee’s founder Tilla Kemal (T-Mirage).

"The original is a classic example of mid-90’s ‘Intelligent’ Drum & Bass, from its warm bed of strings and sweet vocal ad-libs, to its crisp and curling drum programming and deep subs. This track clearly demonstrates an exquisite blend of Jim’s celebrated production style with Tilla’s keen instinct for placement of abstract soundscapes, which was instrumental in the development of the Source Direct sound.

"On the other side is a modern D&B take engineered by Andy Odysee. This remix manages to successfully tread that fine line between faithfully preserving the vibe and flavour of the original, whilst simultaneously lifting the tempo and the potency of both the drum programming and bass-line work in line with the modern D&B sound. Andy references much of the original break work, sample selection and arrangement, but the undulating sub punctuated by torn synth falls, and the punchy kick & snare give the track its modern twist." - Odysee 




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