Klon Dump

Two Rooms
Klon Dump
Two Rooms
Recorded in two rooms, eh? In two countries? We reckon ol’ mate Dump was just holed up in some deep-freeze, Arctic panic room by the sounds of it. It’s eery electro-acoustic music where damaged samples whip through like wind off the ice and will grab you by the short and curlies. Its best moments, and particularly ‘Night Nurse’ on the b-side, recall the early years of DDS’s textured electronic palette slammed together with dub versions of the Shadow Ring. None of it’s as scatty as you might imagine with plenty of hooks to get you through the vast stretches of negative space. It’s masterful restraint and production you rarely hear on tape. Treated with the utmost and deserved care by No Corner and limited to only 50 copies. These will NOT stick round.




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