Loke Rahbek

City Of Women
Loke Rahbek
City Of Women

EMEGO237 / Editions Mego / Austria / 2017 / LP 

City of Women is an accomplished and composerly thing, and somehow a pop record too, but with the jaded, sleep-deprived, Unconsoled vibe that has defined much of Rahbek's work over the past two or three years - the ennui that comes from too much time spent grappling with the limitations of mid-range hotel wi-fi when you're far away from home. Posh Isolation indeed! In all seriousness though, this is perhaps the most musically rewarding work that Rahbek has ever put his name (or that of any of his aliases) to. If you don’t have the time/headspace to keep up with the prolific output of Croatian Amor, Lust For Youth, Body Sculptures, Damien Dubrovnik and the numerous other projects that your man helms or contributes to, don't worry - buy C.O.W (!) now, and attack the rest at your leisure. It seems he's saved his best for this taut, engrossing suite of controlled and cultivated noise, burned-out ambient techno and exquisite bubblegum concrète. 


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