Cocktail Mexico
Cocktail Mexico

Languid minimal synth and techno-pop on Knekelhuis (who recently brought us that ace Dutch Cassette Rarities comp). EYE is the alias of French artist Laurene Exposito. This 10” EP sounds far more unusual and accomplished than her Sabine LP of last year, and harder to place or date – though fans of Saada Bonaire, Domenique Dumont and Deux will feel right at home. While still indebted to classic DIY synth-pop/wave, Cocktail Mexico seems to do its own thing, texturally and structurally, especially on the amazing, laconic-kinetic ‘Yellow Destiny’ (the main event, for us) and the jaded bossa of ‘Go Forward' and 'Mucho Mucho'. Exposito’s voice is marvellous but then who doesn't have a weakness for women singing slouchily in French – she could be reading out her tax return for all we know, or care, and probably she is. 







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