Various Artists

Various Artists

Whether or not you buy into the CULT of Colundi, there’s no denying that figurehead Aleksi Perala has used it to produce some boss techno over the past few years. This compilation - actually a sampler of a forthcoming 3CD (surely that’s too much Colundi for any0ne?!) sees eight new disciples using the feted tone sequence to make, well, a bunch of tracks that sound like Aleksi Perala. Only joking! Sort of. There’s actually a fair bit of variety on display here, and plenty o' intrepid drum programming, within the given parameters. Broadly speaking, the tracks that aim for some kind of upness or bolshiness don’t quite hit the mark, but those that double down on the atmosphere of Isolationist dread / gurning-your-trap-off-in-a-suddenly-quite-scary-seeming-stranger’s-flat are uniformly excellent. See especially: Tunnel One’s ‘Sundilundi’, WHRK’s ‘Extract V’, Marshall Applewhite’s 'Only’ (splitting the difference between Aphexian ambient and the kind of high-def soundboy trance you might expect to hear on Timedance or Hessle next week), and RAKFT's 'Tu123' (whose vocal samples bring an unexpected kinda DAF/Liasions Dangereuses vibe to proceedings). Essential tackle for any futurists and/or fuck-ups left in the room.





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