Korea Undok Group

Korea Undok Group

The Korea Undok Group LP on Penultimate Press - which scooped up tracks from the Canadian outfit’s tape output - is a firm favourite round here, one of those records that we never tire of and which manages to stay continually relevant (whatever the means). This 7” on the redoubtable I Dischi Del Barone is apparently the first completely new KUG music to appear on vinyl, although “new” is the last word that comes to mind when faced with music that sounds so thoroughly weathered and world-weary. For those of you unfamiliar with their output, it takes as its starting the point the smudgy, dub-corroded outer limits of industrial/post-punk tape music, and extrapolates into, well, the abyss. Understated though. The title track and A-side of this record purports to “concern memory and its disintegration over time” - a claim that a lot of music of the past decade or has made, but this stuff has a depressive intensity that makes your average card-carrying Hauntologist sound like Slade. Not that KUG is immune to the pop narcotic - the closing sequence finds Talula St on vocals channelling Cocteau Twins’ Garland for some seriously caved-in karaoke. Hand-stamped 7” comes in an edition of 200, “respecting standard Canadian language rule, with English & French sides”, and housed in white cardboard sleeve with postcard attached. 





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