Benedict Drew

Crawling Through Tory Slime
Benedict Drew
Crawling Through Tory Slime

This recently minted Mana label is one of the more interesting and purposeful to set out its stall in London (or anywhere) in a while, eh. Their first release, a reissue of Pierre Marietan (see below), is intriguing enough, but this latest, a new work from Benedict Drew, scores particularly highly, and not just for timely political sentiment. The music then? Lurid, quintessentially British splattertronics, just the right side of enervating. As horrible, laughable and lovely as life itself. A big tip for not only fans of highbrow tie 'n tweed electronics but also more mischievous and ribald fare... ATV's Vibing Up, Mordant Music, Adam Bohman, Jeff Keen ++. Fabulous artwork too, with an A3 riso print poster included.

"The debut LP of this collaborator with Rhodri Davies and Chris Watson, evoking the knockabout, visionary, English humour of Jeff Keen and Bruce Lacy, spiked here with massive, steaming dollops of contemporary political outrage and disgust. ‘Sounds are slurpy, runny, fizzy, spongy, hard as rock,’ says the label, ‘recalling long improvisational sets, floor-sucking dubwise psychedelia, plunderphonics and tight GRM-era electronic sound design.’ Released to coincide with BD’s summer-long exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in east London, nodding to everyone from Busby Berkeley to Max Ernst."

MANA002 / UK / FIRST EDITION / 2017 / LP


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