Dedicated To Peter Kürten, Sadist And Mass Slayer
Dedicated To Peter Kürten, Sadist And Mass Slayer

Long-awaited vinyl reissue of one of Whitehouse’s most brutally sustained and compelling studies/celebrations of abasement and psychopathy; a landmark in extreme electronic music. Its sparse sound-field, bleak as Bradford, is dominated by face-clawing high frequencies and William Bennett’s strangled ululating vocals - channelling it, seems, both victim and tormentor, but with a clear bias towards the latter. However, as so often the case with Whitehouse, it's the passages of subtle, cold-blooded insinuation that linger when the lights go off: the post-kill serenity of ‘Dom’, with its deep bass oscillations and eerily ambiguous field recordings (Philip Corner’s Coldwater Basin repurposed for obscene ends), or the sampled news report that drifts without comment across ‘Ripper Territory’. Recorded at IPS Studios in London by William Bennett with Peter McKay and Paul Reuter, Dedicated was originally released in 1981 on Come Organisation in first and second editions of 500 and 400 copies respectively. An official Susan Lawly CD version emerged in ’96 but, ropey bootlegs aside, this defining work of Whitehouse mk1 hasn’t been available on vinyl in 36 years. Noel Summerville’s careful remaster brings Bennett’s radical sound design freshly to life, that cold deliberate sophistication which then, as now, lies far beyond the reach of his imitators. Black 180g vinyl in matte laminated 350gsm sleeve, edition of 250, and a vital entry in any serious collection of 20th century avant-garde music. Acquire with due caution.  



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