Enhet För Fri Musik

Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig
Enhet För Fri Musik
Det Finns Ett Hjärta Som För Dig

Finally! Courtesy of the Grapefruit label in the US, a pricey but NECESSARY new edition of EFFM’s brilliantly fucked-up 2018 album ‘Set Finns…’, originally released on Omlott in an edition of 300 that quickly got snaffled up. 

Despite artwork that preps you for what, some kinda lurid biker acid rock blitzkrieg, EFFFM are sensitive, soft-spoken strangely pop-savvy souls - albeit not afraid to char 'n strafe their creations with noise and a choking atmosphere of abject, inconsolable bleakness. Sounding for all the world like something that coulda/shoulda come out on Xpressway or self-released lathe in NZ circa '94 - it's telling that Grapefruit's other charges include Peter Jefferies, Builders and The Garbage & The Flowers - EFFM's brittle, woozy, gravely beautiful free-folk / downer psych investigations really do have the makings of a future classic. If you missed out on that long-gone og pressing (not for want of us telling ye), then do yourself a favour and cop this'n! 


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