Dead Man's Chest / Coco Bryce

Diamond Life 03
Dead Man's Chest / Coco Bryce
Diamond Life 03
"Dead Man's Chest aka Alex Eveson makes his debut appearance on Myor Massiv sublabel Diamond Lifealongside head honcho Coco Bryce.

"Dancehalls seem to be the common denominator on this 12”. And where Mr Eveson prefers to drop a tab of acid, Coco opts for a helping of mandy to work his way through the night. Both sides find the respective producers operating at the 160 bpm mark, wading through a hazy mist of sounds reminiscent of clandestine warehouse raves. But whereas DMC utilizes a fairly straightforward, '93 style hardcore drum loop in combination with acidic undertones and atmospherics which clearly reveal his love for the “golden era” of Mo Wax trip hop, señor Bryce's jam is a far more hectic sounding affair, layering a chopped and re-edited Apache on top of an already-frantic, percussion- laden break beat, adding even more to the rushy feeling induced by the nervous pads and rave stabs.vQuality, yet slightly off-kilter hardcore junglist exercises." - Diamond Life


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