DJ Lag

DJ Lag

Lethal Gqom. Some of it gets on my tits, truth be told, but 'Ghost On The Loose' can't be argued with - moody, chrome-plated and dubwise, easily the equal of the best Cruel Boyz and Dominowe stuff. 

"Having already introduced the UK to Gqom back in 2015 — a variant of raw, stripped back South African house emanating from the city of Durban — London imprint Goon Club Allstars have tapped scene kingpin DJ Lag for an explosive four-track EP. Widely credited as one of the key players for shaping the Gqom sound as it exists today, Lag’s eminence in South Africa is well-documented and on his new EP, he exhibits everything that makes it tick; fierce, powerful drums, mazy rhythms and bubbling club patterns. Like the sound he presides over, Lag’s work is uncompromising, but emphatic — and designed to impact. Compiled from a vast back catalogue stretching back over four years, the EP showcases his sound to the fullest – from the bubbling sgubhu track, ‘16th Step’, to the classic Gqom styles of ‘Ice Drop’. As with Rudeboyz debut Gqom 12” for the label in 2015, the EP also revels in a sense of discovery, boosted by a relationship between artist and label that goes way beyond the norm. More than prepared to put in the ground work, Goon Club Allstars have been proactive in reaching out to producers in SA over the last three years and, inspired by a shared love of the music, have played a key role in opening up Gqom to UK audiences." - Goon Club Allstars


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