DJ Residue

211 Circles Of Rushing Water
DJ Residue
211 Circles Of Rushing Water

The aptly named DJ RESIDUE will be a true, if totally deranged companion through this mid-week, post-club purgatory that you so often find yourself. Bury your head in Gunnar Wendel's obvious technical restrictions and see how they are surpassed by the prevalence of playful creativity and an overwhelming bank of ideas. Like finding some loner / stoner’s lost sketchbook and having a good ol' rummage before returning it, “211 Circles...” is every bit as puzzling as it is inspiring.

Contemporary, disintegrated, DIY-tekno business that feels like (particularly, on the B-side) some more bionic, bonus cuts from Der Plans 1981, legendary "FIX PLANET!" compilation or perhaps the more "lively" bits on those Light Sounds Dark badboys. BANGERS FOR THE HOME ++. 






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