Dan HabarNam

Draw Your Pattern
Dan HabarNam
Draw Your Pattern

For those that know...crisp, bleepy but rigorously dubbed techno rollers from Bristol. Possibly our favourite Idle Hands ever, in fact. The wrecking-ball breakbeat pressure of 'High Pass Rambo' speaks for itself really, check the clip, but the more subtle 'Draw Your Pattern' is every bit its equal: a tensely coiled, chord-driven stepper that revisits (at least in our minds) that near-mythical era when Peverelist et al were cross-pollinating so fruitfully (when cross-pollination wasn't a THING) with the Hard Wax lot (or maybe even further back, when those records didn't exist yet and Pinch was practically willing them into existence by mixing garage into Basic Channel in empty Room 2s. We were there, gurning, totally unaware of the coming insurrection. LOL.). Put more simply: if like me you ever wish that Livity Sound gear had much more of the bleak, Isolationist feel of early Pev, this is the track for you. Essential 12", and eyes now firmly on Dan Habarnam, last glimpsed turning out lean, mean dnb on Cylon.  




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