Eyes Of A Key
Eyes Of A Key

F****d-in-the-head, brutally repetitive DIY drum-and-vocal loops from Mix-O-Rap on PPU, apparently recorded while he was in prison, using the music room's keyboards, in a concerted attempt to blend go-go, hip-hop, house and drum-bass into a "a new pattern of beats with a DJ sway".

Success? Not sure. But the results are...compelling.

"I need a perfect mix sound so I used a reverb gate, small room because I was in a small room. I used my moms blankets to trap the sound waves in the room. I use a digital mic from radio shack and was rapping with a blanket over my head to trap the sound waves. I played my keys in F flat to deepen the tone. I put tom toms on it to fill the spaces with handclaps to have that snap. Then I put a reverb gate on every instrument to get the lo-fi audio sound. I mastered it with all knobs on zero. Equalizer on zero. I mastered my own sound by tweeking and listening with cheap headphones. So that's why I call myself Mix-0-Rap because I master my mix and DJ rap style with a touch go-go rapping."

Listen to the clips to judge whether this is for you, suffice to say it's a strange kick but also an addictive one. Also favourite title of the year (Eyes Of A Key, it just gets under your skin eh?), and killer artwork: not just the prison-view of the front cover but  also the collage on the back: which sees M-O-R's grinning mug grafted onto photos of Obama, Paris Hilton and Cap'n Jack Sparrow. The full package. 



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