The Doozer

The Doozer

What a treat this is... new album on Feeding Tube from The Doozer, the anonymous-ish, Edinburgh-based, Cambridge-reared purveyor of sumptuous and grown-up psychedelic pop who has possibly suffered more lazy comparisons to Syd Barrett than anyone else in recent history. OK, he shares a certain whimsy and effortless melodic elan with (pre-unravelling) S.B., which shouldn't be understated, but to these ears his louche, elliptical but always lucid song-dreams - their jangling, compact folk-rock classicism made eerie with subtly unusual accents and embellishments (he's collaborated extensively with MV & EE, Mick Flower et al, but he wears his UK underground credentials lightly ) - share more in common with any number of classic Flying Nun bands (a Clean here, a Sneaky Feelings there). Whispers of Nick Nicely, Pip Proud, and Mayo's Corky's Debt To His Father too. Yeah, a nigh-on perfect LP... we defy you not to swoon. Edition of 300. 




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