Ross 154



"ART present another landmark classic in Electronic Music history. Originally released on Stefan Robbers’ Eevo-Lute label in 1993, Ross 154 aka Jochem Peteri - now best known for his productions as Newworldaquarium - released four tracks of deep, dark, mysterious hybrid techno  interspersed with four delicate ambient interludes. 

"Jochem recalls 'we went down to Eindhoven to record at Stefan’s studio which was at his parent’s place. Actually, we all still lived with our parents.' The recording was lucky to survive as Jochem remembers 'about halfway through recording, all power went off because his mom was frying us some snacks and the deep-fryer short-fused!'

"Thankfully recording continued. Jochem describes it as a summary of all the musical influences he grew up with including Schoolly D, Loose Ends and even some 'Duran Duran synth melancholia'. Jochem was also digesting 'new UK sounds like  Kirk Degiorgio and B12 plus the big American sounds of the Belleville Three (the Kevin Sanderson produced Mia Hesterley track "Spark" particularly comes to mind) and early second generation Detroit stuff like Psyche and Dark Comedy' (Carl Craig and Kenny Larkin respectively).

"Jochem continues: 'Meeting Stefan and Wladimir (Stefan Robbers and Wladimir Manshanden - co-founders of Eevo-Lute) changed it all for me, they gave the whole thing a unique Dutch synth-wave spin.' Interestingly, he concludes: 'the Fragments EP  to me feels like a homage to the great shoulders we stand on today, An amazing legacy which I love and hate in equal amounts.'

"One thing is for sure - the Fragments EP stands the test of time and remains one of the most sought-after pieces of vinyl  from this essential formative era in European Techno. Re-issued and carefully remastered under the care of ART Records owner Kirk Degiorgio, Ross 154 finally gets to be available for the new generation of listeners it deserves." - ART 



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