Heavy Metal

LP 1 / LP 2 / LP 3 bundle
Heavy Metal
LP 1 / LP 2 / LP 3 bundle

For a limited time only, while stocks last...all three Heavy Metal LPs to date available as  a generously discounted bundle. 

That's LP 1 (aka Anti-Music, Anti-Sense, Anti-You) and LP 2 (aka Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia), released on Static Age in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and the brand new LP 3 (The Nitzschean Supermen of Dustbin Rock), released last week on Harbinger Sound.) 

Modern DIY/punk classics, each and every one, you NEED these records in your sorry excuse for a COLLECTION. 

What we said about LP 1:

"A perfectly formed - horribly misshapen - DIY drone-punk piss-bomb from a pair of Berlin n'er-do-wells just about sober enough to press record. Guitars navigate hooligan chug and piteous jangle, tape-loops gargle obscenely, synths throb and wheeze..it's like some dream car-smash mangling the vitals of 39 Clocks, PiL, TVPs and the sort of shut-in keyboard dereliction you might find leaking out of Alberts Basement's binbags. Notable guest appearance from Peep Show’s Nancy ('Now fuck me and pretend I’m your mom.')

LP 2:

"Second outing for beloved Berlin space-punk negativists. Re-press with blue-on-white artwork after first run flew. Instant DIY classic, and almost certainly album of the year. A pinch more melody/jangle than LP 1, and a pinch more bovver too: it's the oi! LP Dan Treacy forgot to cut, it's The Monks 'I Ain't Getting Any' dragged through The Clean's Syd's Pink Wiring System. Palpable presence of Diat guitar muscle. Once heard, 'Do You Remember The Memories?', 'I've Never Used a Lawnmower' and 'Blue Suede Shoe' will die with you, to say nothing of their take on Rod Stewart. Succeeds in its stated aim: smash criticism, smash optimism, smash arachnophobia. Highest possible recommendation. 'Way sexier than the last one.' - Sanjay."

And LP 3:

"Third album from the best band in the world (according to us), "THE NIETZSCHEAN SUPERMEN OF DUSTBIN ROCK" (according to them)...another masterpiece of disaffected, unsanitary murder-punk for internet-era layabouts, providing ballast against - as well as comment on - our general cultural malaise but ultimately confirming that we’re all fucking worms and we get what we deserve. Three LPs in two years, but lest they be accused of jogging on the spot, this set - their best yet, though we always say that - finds the “mysterious” Oz-Deutsch outfit breaking "new" ground, by channelling grooving, groin-led early '70s rock’n’roll…Too Sick For Total Punk indeed. ‘Motherfuckers In The City’ sounds like Sticky Fingers meets The Door & The Window, strung-out Keef-Bill riffage strapped to a Tomy-tronic drum machine from Woolworths wheezing its last. Elsewhere they casually toss off Killed By Death-grade anthems like the pigeon-German 'Explosionsgefahr' and ‘Today Is The Last Day Before Tomorrow’, swerve into bizarro DIY (‘Like Two Sheds In One Garden’), and perfectly capture the bathos and absurdity of the new Cold War ('Hacked By The Russians) before ‘Tighter Than A Seagull’ sees them break on thru to a new plain of drugsick downer pysch that comes over like the deformed offspring of Jurgen Gleue and BJM’s Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request.  As if all that wasn't enough, they easily outdo their legendary take on Rod Stewart's 'D'Ya Think I'm Sexy' with a droogish cover of Cameo’s 'Word Up’, placing them in the esteemed company of Korn, Gun and Little Mix - i.e. exactly where they belong.  Speaking of covers, we won’t spoil the surprise of what lurks behind ‘You Are The Antichrist’ - suffice to say it makes crystal clear the louche, smacky, chateau-dwelling inspiration behind this STONE cold genius LP." 


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