Heavy Space Anthology Vol. 2
Heavy Space Anthology Vol. 2

Deep space skum!! Further spine scavenging amidst the fuselage of the Antipodean underground, this second collection of lost transmissions originally broadcast on the HEAVY SPACE imprint in micro-edition lathe cuts and cassettes.

JUST ABOUT had our sea legs back after Volume One, but alas yee must once again pass us the rubbish bag as more racket from malnourished interstellar fugitives like LSD Fundraiser, The Futurians, Vlüba and Rupert Hunter are joined by the likes of FANZ and Fabio Orsi with their individual releases strung together in the same “music for dilapidated caravan” tapestry as it’s predecessor.

Serves well as the soundtrack to some poor day-trippers demise or the opening of a portal within the creaking confines of some remote, wind-battered garden shed in the New Zealand countryside, without going all “I’LL TAKE YOUR BRAIN TO ANOTHER DIMENSION”.

I guess if I was ever capable of smoking the weed without revisiting recent meals and convincing myself I was the victim of a cruel Truman Show-style experiment I would have more authority on such matters.

Fucking AMAZING cassette tho. Edition of 80. 





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