High Rise

High Rise II
High Rise
High Rise II

Sanjay says: "Caustic face-melting reissue of High Rise II, made even more caustic by remastering (and subsequent additional mastering!) from the group’s founder Asahito Najo. Hard to overstate the enduring influence of High Rise - and this 1986 LP, particularly - on so much Japanses psyk over the last two decades including Mainliner, Acid Mothers and Masami Kawaguchi (core and rotating members of High Rise Nanjo, Manehiro Narita, Yuro Ujiie and Shimura Koji contributed to some of these and many other projects through the 90/00s). You’d have to guess that even Haino-san borrowed a lot of his distorted, free-wheelin’ psychosis from HR if if you listen closely to Fushitsusha and Nazoranai. But what makes this reissue infinitely worthy is its place in Los Angeles' Black Editions ongoing project to bring the legendary P.S.F. Records’ discography to a broader audience. If you know any Japanese artists from the 80s and 90s (including the ones mentioned here) chances are they had work released on P.S.F., whose founder, Hideo Ikeezumi, passed away four months before his partnership with Black Editions kicked off (with Keiji Haino’s classic Watashi Dake? last summer). This is the third in a series which seeks, admirably, to be definitive, and it's a cornerstone of the whole P.S.F. mythos. In fact, P.S.F. is an acronym taken from High Rise’s debut LP, Psychedelic Speed Freaks. You can’t get more foundational than that. Past, present and future classic presented in heavy Stoughton tip-on jackets and an insert with previously unreleased band photos." 


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