Mutant Joe

Home Invasion Anthems
Mutant Joe
Home Invasion Anthems

"Across forty minutes of punishing street justice, Mutant Joe peels back societies accepted norms and values, kicking down the door of the family next door armed with razor wire, bondage tape, police transmitters and overt torture tactics.

"Opening up with confessions from inside a Miami mega jail, Home Invasion Anthems spills its guts over trap, Memphis rap, jungle and street electronics, with a horde of collaborators including Lord Pusswhip, Onoe Caponoe and the Lost Appeal Crew mobilising together and pulling in resources from now defunct message boards and online sample dumps.

"Together they've created something which is as much rooted in 80's horror as Lil Ugly Mane, black metal, industrial and the stifling paranoia of life in 2019, all festering and morphing together like a tumour feeding on crime scene T.V and terror politics. Don't go outside. Don't answer the phone." - Natural Sciences


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