Barn Sour

Horses Fucked Over The Head With Bricks
Barn Sour
Horses Fucked Over The Head With Bricks

Neeeeeighhhh!!!!!! “Two garbles of slapstick and melodrama” on this 7" from a Canadian sleeper cell with possible Korea Undok Group connections. Side 1: disconcerting female laughter, strung-out Terminator drones and contact-mic clatter, expertly (intuitively?) bricolaged, and gaining outrageous intensity in five short minutes, settling somewhere between the demolished folk/noise of the Entlang/Xpressway axis, academic acousmatic bollox and something a little airier and hypnagogic... more dream than nightmare, at any rate. 

Side B begins as full-bore hooligan concrète, voices snarling and yabbering and yowling like a rabid pitbull auditioning with his eyes closed for the dog-pound's in-house P.E. band, only to open 'em and find the war-crime-fetishising lads-in-black-combats have been replaced by a Viennese chamber-trio playing moody minimal piano note clusters but carrying on anyway cos you only get one shot at the "bigtime". What's so incredible about this 7”, it takes these hugely opposed elements and doesn’t merely juxtapose them, it intimately EMBROIDERS them, fully messing with your sense of space and time an wellbeing in the process. Being on the receiving end is a curious experience...akin to, I dunno, being fucked over the head with bricks??? Certainly the internal CPU hasn't felt this vigorously EXERCISED since the Triple Negative LP rocked up last year. A rare and powerful synthesis of the totally unhinged and coolly controlled, and beautifully presented in hot-iron-branded, clove-scented (aye) chipboard with two inserts. 





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