G P Hall

Industrial Blue
G P Hall
Industrial Blue

Sumptuous, dysphoric ambient 'scapes from veteran UK guitarist, coaxed out of acoustic and electric guitars, and six-string bass, "played with various techniques and implements including slides, battery fans, the psaltery bow, razors, toys, Velcro and crocodile clips." He describes the pieces himself as "industrial sound sculptures" but that does a disservice to his range: dubwise echo-play, autumnal folk flourishes, spacey pseudo-Frippertronics, gothic synth themes and Laughing Stock-ish but urbanised chamber-jazz minimalism. A flamenco master (or so I read), when his more rococo classical phrasing is floated in deep space, it calls to mind untouchable '80s ECM sides from Steve Tibbetts and John Abercrombie, while elsewhere there are shades of Michael Brook & Pieter Nooten, Coil, Black Rain, the John Foxx of Translucence/Drift Music, and Legendary Pink Dots. Its melodic and textural assertiveness occasionally borders on the heavy-handed, but it's worth it. Easily L.F.I.'s most impressive offering to date. The Heat re-scoring of your dreams. Massive tip. 

LFI006 | UK | 2017 | LP


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