Infocalypse Era
Infocalypse Era

Highlights from the early SPESIMEN EPs that first crawled out the petri dish in '96 /’98. Although an immediate recommendation for anyone who shat their pants over the triple pack of SCOPEX material that came out on Tresor earlier this year, these tracks feel like the product of a far more contaminated laboratory.

Despite maintaining that classic, claustrophobic production style - with each element so tightly compressed it has to fight for its place in the mix - Spesimen veers away from the calculated, genetically perfected, now somewhat terrestrial sound palette associated with mid-90s electro. The kickdrums send shock waves through frustrated arpeggios, carrying all the energy and ATTITUDE of the rougher, West Coast sound; early Bunker / Clone projects like Cospagon or some choice Gary Martin cuts and at moments,  as on 'Satellite' and 'Harmonik Science', a certain Jamal Moss-esque boisterousness. Okay, maybe Jamal Moss on his best behaviour but still, think less white lab coat, modular fuckery and more a basement of freaks dancing on your copy of Gesamtkunstwerk that you left on the floor, out of its sleeve and swimming in club-muck. 

"Fypse funk from a past future.. Know your technos!" 





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