Morgan Fisher

Inside Satie
Morgan Fisher
Inside Satie

"Active for over 50 years Morgan’s career has moved from 60’s number one hit wonders Love Affair, to 70’s rock’n’roll keyboardist in Mott The Hoople, before finally on to 80’s ambient, improvisation and soundtracks, working with the likes of Yoko Ono, Haroumi Hosono and Dip In The Pool.

"Based in Japan since the mid-80s, Fisher’s long-standing admiration for Erik Satie (1866-1925) led to these Inside Satie recordings. Satie’s unique work as a precursor to artistic movements such as minimalism, surrealism and repetitive music are acknowledged but for long periods he not given the accolades his music warranted.

"A strange, eccentric, surreal man, he was never as acclaimed as the established masters, but influenced not only the likes of Debussy but also many of the Dada artists. On this album Morgan played his music freely after just a brief look at the scores. Recorded in just three days, it features piano, melodica, synthesisers, and Morgan’s favoured tape delay system." - Sacred Summits 


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