Amos & Sara

Invite To Endless Latino
Amos & Sara
Invite To Endless Latino

This was the year that Amos & Sara enjoyed a mainstream renaissance, arf. The brainchild of Jim ‘L Voag’ Welton (Homosexuals, Tesco Bombers) and producer Chris Gray, Invite to Endless Latino (’83) is the second vinyl reissue of their work in 2017, following on from Sing A Song Fighter’s edition of Amos and Sara Sing The Private World of Amos (’81): both works of undisputable genius and sectionable madness, both key pieces in the fucked jigsaw puzzle of UK DIY.

Endless Latino finds Weldon dialling down the ludic tape-loop messing of Private World – though it’s far from absent – and committing himself instead to a remarkably sustained and twisted dance-pop fantasy. It’s dub-damaged Latin-British fusion, South America viewed through the prism of South London squatland messthetics - post-punk ‘Insomnia Samba’, to borrow a particularly apt track title, or, even better, ‘Pain Mambo’. The “mysterious” Sara’s scruffy vocals coming over like Brenda Ray or a more addled Alison Statton. New cover art inna extra-spunky Gilbert & George style. “Not as good as the original cassette,” according to a quote on the back of the sleeve, but good enough.


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