Istanbul / Woodstock
Istanbul / Woodstock

Don’t know much about the origins of this 12”, and the accompanying spiel about “geographical drifters” and “outer national grooves” is ever so slightly off-putting - it certainly doesn’t do justice to the certifiably strange, intoxicating, serpentine sounds within - its two pieces all the more potent for being concise (do we need any more 15 minute tracks in our lives?). Would recommend this to anyone who dug the Georgia record, for instance, but this is an altogether more oblique, abstract thing. ‘Istanbul’ - which apparently began as a field recording “snared while hanging out of a speeding taxi, somewhere between Karaköy and Beyoğlu, but totally transcends that, swelling to an almost 154 or GAS-like symphony of rainy ambience. But it’s ‘Woodstock’ that stands out, its shimmering chimes receding to reveal a dense tableau of swirling synth-tones and dub-drunk percussion… imagine if Pole (who coincidentally mastered this record) made a folk record?! Edition of 200 in hand-stamped sleeves with opaque insert and individually numbered photographs…brilliant release… can’t imagine these will stick around very long.



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