Move D

Move D

Wahey! Move D's CLASSIC 1994 album Kunststoff (hasn't got any easier to spell in 24 years) back in print on 2LP courtesy of the German ..ava label, well over a decade since City Centre Offices' first, reputation-sealing reissue. Across twelve tracks (and nae duds) your man yolks together loungey deep house, electro and downbeat into a seamless and compelling narrative, but with a loose, semi-improvised feel that screams (ironically given its title) "HUMANITY!" Impossible to pick faves, but go on then, 'Sandmann''s pared-down jack-attack sounds more than ever like the best bits of Yuzo Koshiro's Streets of Rage soundtrack (!) and opener 'Eastman' feels as familiar and bittersweet as the waft of an ex-lover's scent (D&G Light Blue since you ask!). Like the natty mid-century chair on the cover, 'tis a period piece, but a timelessly stylish and VERY COMFORTABLE one. Take a load off! 




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