Total Control

Laughing At The System
Total Control
Laughing At The System

In which everyone's favourite Oz synth-punk super-group continue their quest to sound ever more like Hot Chip. Only joking! (sort of). This surprise six-tracker on Luke Younger's Alter is, like all TC's records, occasionally baffling and frequently exhilarating.  Look beyond, or embrace, the nauseating faux-naif keyboard parts - their very calling card - and you'll encounter some of the finest and most affecting songs in the Victorians' much-loved catalogue: 'Future Creme''s plush, plaintive jangle (EBMOR, anyone?), 'Vanity' (like Diat re-tooled for Danceteria), and especially the lovely 'Luxury Vacuum'. Can't live with it, can't live without it.  



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