Vital Idles

Left Hand
Vital Idles
Left Hand

This slice of jangly monochord bliss pressed to yellow vinyl from Glaswegiens, Vital Idles, is everything you wanted (and expected) after that tantalising, ebullient, instant-cult-classic 'The Garden' 7” on Not Unloved in 2016. It’s got The Clean and that Flying Nun/Dunedin-sound stamped all over it but Jess Higgins’ vocals has got this band shadowing but also early Kleenex with all their raw, lyrical squat punk genius or even that killer Patsy LP from earlier this year (for the more contemporary/LVEUM fans among us), while still managing to sound, more than anything else, TWEE AS FUCK. And though the label touts the ‘bigger budget recordings’ the studio clearly hasn’t ruined VI’s locked-on, monochord garage indie/punk sound. Even on the songs where you wish the stone-cold bass lines sat up in the mix (like on ‘Now & Again) you can’t resent the practice room aesthetic just for the sheer ear-worm song-writing. Some might find this debut album irritating with its it’s ultra-narrow dynamic range and though on some level they might be right, fuck those people - the streamlining is the f****ng point. The Idles don’t hide any part of who they’re are what they’re trying to do. If you dug the I Won't Have To Think About You compilation, The Feelies, Blue Aeroplanes and the Cananes this one’s for you. Again and again and again.




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