Humming Dogs

Les Borigenes
Humming Dogs
Les Borigenes


WOAH. This one's really crept up on me. Listening to it for the first time last Tuesday, in the background while trying to perform some nasty admin tasks, it did not fare well - think I lasted about 7 minutes before I howled GET IT AWWWFFFFFFF. Listened again when my mind was a little less clogged, and got into it. Enough to say yeah, this is good. But THEN at the end of the week, had some mates round in the shop, drinking and stoning and nattering, stuck it on half-by-accident and had a full-on EPIPHANY.

Cool story bro! 

But honestly, it took that spot of Friday night steam-letting to reveal to me what a RAGER Les Borigenes is...wild, celebratory, as easy to pin down as an eel slathered in Nivea cream. I now count it easily to be among my favourite releases of 2019 so far, and one that I can well imagine being properly sought-after in years to come. There is nothing else out there quite like it, but forced to compare it to something I would say Ceramic Hobs at their most EBULLIENT and cacophonous, or maybe like To Live And Shave In LA doing Shaggs karaoke, or Half Japanese being pulled apart by horses (donkeys?). Perhaps more than any of that it sounds like the second coming of RIO (something which seems to be in the air anyway) but in a more demotic mode than your Henry Cows and Universe Zeroes, with nuff unpretentious, adrenalised garage-punk THUMP and FIZZ to wash down the avant-prog stodge.

Formed in 2015 by David Bausseron, Humming Dogs is an improvising ensemble born out of the artistic support centre and theatre group Oiseau Mouche (Hummingbird) in Roubaix, France, which was established “to break down the barriers between the worlds of artistic broadcasting networks and those of disability”. Playing electric guitars, various percussions, keyboards, amplified objects and an arsenal of electronic effects, this uncompromising wrecking crew whip up a storm of post-Kobaïan free-rock, DIY pop song, surreal spoken word and ecstatic-unpredictable-highly-combustible NOISE - some of you may have caught them on their spate of UK live shows earlier in the year, including a date with Triple Negative north of the border. We did not, and we deeply regret it. 

Les Borigenes is the latest release on Bison Records, which brought us that Still House Plants record last year. Great artwork too, which describes the sounds contained within far better than our gassing ever could. So good. Two copies please!


Was £15.99, now £7.99! 




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