Light Sleep
Light Sleep

This came out earlier in the year, but disappeared faster than you could say "fuck me, that's expensive." It's mercifully been re-pressed, but not in any great quantity as far as we know, so don't hang about if it's your thing. 

If it's not your thing then god help you. The label has the temerity to liken it to Nico fronting Suicide, and we'll let them have it...

Phew, as many of you will know, fronted Vanity legends Aunt Sally, collaborated with Sakamoto on her first solo 12", and then cut a bona fide classic LP with Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit at Conny Plank's gaff (recorded and released '81 on Pass). She's recorded and released regularly since then, collaborating with DAF, Bill Laswell, Neubauten and others, but I don't think anything has hit the mark quite like this brand new studio set (not that I was paying very close attention, truth be told). 

What is beyond doubt is that Light Sleep is a lot more aggro and coarsely textured than the silken dubbed-out new wave of the much-loved Phew. Crack session musicians here are eschewed in favour of industrial-hued minimal electronics, all robo-billy swagger of Suicide, the jerky Ike Yard rhythms and stomach-churning mid/low-end noise. Bad! 




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