Still House Plants

Long Play
Still House Plants
Long Play
This is a prickly one, more cactus than ficus (I had to Google that).... At first I couldn’t really get my head around Long Play but I couldn't help going back to it, and subliminally it’s done a number on me, and proved compelling precisely 'cos it can't be easily filed away. Coming from the same arty Glasgow milieu as LAPS, Golden Teacher et al (don’t know what I’m basing this on but I imagine all these people living in beautiful big idyllic house-shares with diligently - but not TOO diligently - adhered-to washing up rotas, and ridiculously high ceilings...), the attention-grabber is the vocals, which oscillate between fits of riot grrrl pique and a kind of bedsit Sade mooning, while the music is an unlikely collage of pinched, stop-start noise-rock and mouldy-teacup field-recordings / DIY keyboard daubings from the Lambkin/Kye school of domestic drear. Strange brew…certainly this is going to be a longer-term fixture of my life then my actual house-plants, which haven’t been watered since March.


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