DJ Dlux

Lost DATs 91-95 Vol.3
DJ Dlux
Lost DATs 91-95 Vol.3

Edition of 100. 

"DJ Dlux of ‘Brain Records’ fame, emerging from the Jungle scene in the early 90’s alongside Persian Prince, Bizzy B & T.D.K, proudly shows his roots with this exclusive must have collector’s 10 inch of Jungle Goodness! A)‘Interferance’ a classic golden era Jungle Tune with Dancehall samples from the ‘those days’ ‘sound tapes’ “we na waaan get tooo dark” being cleverly used over a Heavy Bassline, Frantic drum choppage, Time Stretching & Vocal Infusion that says 'Its too much for me'!

"B) ‘False Alarm’ a hard stepping, drum twisting, Reggae infused Jungle Riddim with super lush strings at the intro. This is Jungle at its best! 'Ring de Alarm – which Sound aah dead'? Listen carefully, you can hear the ‘Amiga’, being put to good use by this talented Artist, Producer, DJ, Engineer! Don’t sleep on this Limited x 100 Press ‘collector’s’ 10 inch Jungle Vinyl." - Existence Is Resistance


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