Aki Onda & Paul Clipson

Make Visible The Ghosts
Aki Onda & Paul Clipson
Make Visible The Ghosts

A full vinyl release of Aki Onda's dream-thieving soundtrack to close friend, Paul Clipson's film of the same name - a project that they completed just months before Clipson's tragic and untimely death in 2018.

Onda conjures earthly, amber-glowing and trance-inducing textures from his armoury of machines and tape-trapped field recordings, inviting haunting synthesiser spikes to frequently punch holes in the rolling, lucid landscape that effortlessly laces itself within the moving images. In the only excerpt of Paul’s film that is available to view online, you sorta witness how all of the unfixed particles of Onda’s music fuse themselves to the graceful and rhythmic flickers of Clipson’s intricate collage, resulting in a gargling forrest of deep red apparitions and streetlamp psychedelia - see it below (mind your head, folks!).

Even in isolation, the LP stretches and strains the limits of the imagination - the sounds present share similarities to the more recent, bombed-out, melancholic Terminator works of James Rushford or the rasping electronics and sewer blueprints of fellow New York’er, Decimus. “Make Visible The Ghosts” packs these undulating tones together in the same rainslicked and city-shattered moods of Onda’s own “Cassette Memories” series (of which come with the highest of recommendation!). After considering the limitations put in place for this collaboration (Onda was to write music for a film he had not yet seen!), these vivid interpretations of a friends’ work leaves a radiant sense of duality that could warm even the coldest heart of the avant-garde… SO deep, this thing.


Ltd to 350 copies, comes with a huuuuuuge fold-out poster that features stills from the film as collaged by Paul Clipson.




Aki Onda & Paul Clipson "MAKE VISIBLE THE GHOST" from Aki Onda on Vimeo.


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