Māra I
Māra I

Total badboy this, unexpected if not exactly out of nowhere. Esmark is a new collab between Hamburg mensch Alsen Rau, who we're dimly aware of via his excellent Scheich In China release last year on Nina and Tobi's Vis label, and Nikolai von Sallwitz (Taprikk Sweezee, Karachi Files). The music here - recorded "in Scandinavian solitude" - is bleakly atmospheric minimal electronics, burbling and pulsating... remind a little of Conrad Schnitzler (maybe that's just the Bureau B connection), Asmus Tietchens, Senking and, in its techno linearity, recent General Elektro / Atelier stuff. But there's a post-punk/industrial heart to it - at times it sounds like something V-O-D might have dredged up from god-knows-where, in a good way. There are two volumes released side by side - this is Volume I, Volume II you can find here - and I'd argue that both are worth your attention. Really very good. 




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