Elli & Bev

Might Not Look Like It To You
Elli & Bev
Might Not Look Like It To You

"Elli & Bev is the new pop band of Melbourne’s Natalie K (The Enclosures) and Karl von B (Horse Mania, A Band Called Life, Hammering The Cramps). Might Not Look Like It To You is their statemement of ecstacy, be it in all it’s foul forms. It was recorded in two days with Rory Cooke (of Elizaband) after playing their first gig in a rambling Preston backyard and just before Natalie left the country indefinitely for a European life. This is what they left us with, but we hope… they’ll be back! Keyboard parts have been jammed out, teased out over many sessions and the songs themselves are left as beautiful bare-chested pillars. Perhaps they are close to as they were when they were written, or maybe they’ve been cut way down for the listeners benefit, we’re not to know… but they stand short, sharp, boiling with vigour and the bond of friendship. If you’re looking for comparisons you could think of the intimacy of Pip Proud, or some of the energy of the Tall Dwarfs, or just a touch of the sleazy wit of some fuckin’body recording demos to their 4-track after way too much red wine. Songs are rich in words and wit. They touch on subjects of friendship, relationships, what it all means, cruising into the night, but most of all they all offer you the opportunity to be taken off and away to somewhere you’ve never been before, guided by a direct and considerate hand, a warmth in the atmosphere. Go on, go there! And let’s talk about it afterwards. Both Nat and Karl have a knack for writing engaging and loveable songs with little twists that feel gnarly around our ankles." - Alberts Basement


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