TNT Roots

Mighty In Battle / Tears Of The Righteous
TNT Roots
Mighty In Battle / Tears Of The Righteous

Following on from that ace and unexpected Leslie Winer x Jay Glass Dubs sets, Bokeh Versions outdoes itself once again - and goes back to the source, in some sense - with this maxi from largely unsung UK dub maverick TNT Roots. It's hard to sum up the seismic, metal-armoured, deadly-effective TNT sound, but Miles Bokeh gets it about right: "crippling bassweight, synthesized eski pre-sets, rootsy chimes and steppa vamps... [making] obvious an understated lineage flowing from 90s steppas down to jungle, grime, hardcore, darkcore, doomcore - all of the cores really." One half of now defunct soundsystem legends Earthquake, who Bokeh and like minds hold in the same esteem as Iration Steppas, Tony Roots has kept up a stream of solo output in recent years, mainly on short-run CD-R. The two tracks on this 12" - digickal wrecking-balls which frankly speak for themselves, listen to the clips - are presented with three alternate/dub mixes and packaged in a very smart screen-printed sleeve. Apparently this is the first ever official vinyl outing for TNT Roots - and it looks and sounds the part. 



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