Leuk & Ko

Monniken In 't riet
Leuk & Ko
Monniken In 't riet
This is a pre-Unit Moebius project from members Jan Duivenvoorden and Richard van den Bogaert recorded in the late-80s and early-90s in the Hague. It’s all in that avant-synth-pop lineage that foreshadowed the outer-space disco dancefloors narrowed in on by I-f and Legowelt. The Dutch lyrics, with all the tone and levity of Robert Wyatt, are arranged around the synths and instrumentation in a more frenetic fashion than you’d hear on a Raincoats or Fall of Saigon record - each song is its own universe on a record that is completely absurd. It’s more likely that these were early-20-somethings trying to do YMO or Kraftwerk and succeeding by mistake. The best sort of DIY synth-punk record.




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