Television Personalities

Mummy You're Not Watching Me (Special Edition)
Television Personalities
Mummy You're Not Watching Me (Special Edition)

Fugitive copies of the limited 2017 Record Store Day edition of this TVPs classic, ahead of standard reissue due later in the summer. Black and white marble vinyl with download code. 

Originally released in '82 on D.T.'s own Whaam!, it's one of their darkest and most art-damaged offerings, and one of their most underrated. Rougher, tougher - less jaunty - than And Don't The Kids Just Love It, but also sounding like a different band to the one that would cut They Could've Been Bigger Than The Beatles and The Painted Word: whether essaying brisk, choppy mod-punk on 'Adventure Playground') or wallowing in a dirgy muck of their own making (see especially the nightmarish reverbs and smacked-out nursery-rhyming of 'David Hockneys Diaries'). Essential. 

FIRELP228X | Fire | RSD 2017 edition | 1000 copies | B&W marble vinyl | UK | 2017 | LP


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