My Mother The Vent
My Mother The Vent
Scrabbling out the sewers and making a mockery of all that you thought to be sonically possible with a two-human unit, Guttersnipe spawn long-awaited long-form with the convulsing ectoplasm of My Mother The Vent. This is FREE MUSIC, my friends. Liberated, yet rank with torment and intent - MMTV seems to pull influence from every broken branch and cough them back up as a thoughtfully alchemised and resoundingly VENOMOUS lung-butter. Heavy expectation, approaching this record, after hearing from multiple sources (and I don’t mean two or three!) that the ‘snipes blew them away in real time, which usually kinda means if you haven’t seen them before, just hearing the record is gonna be a totally dulled experience, like showering with socks on, lacking sensation - feeling like you are missing the point. NAE CHANCE, not this mob. As ferocious as it is vulnerable, it’s an absolute emotional panel’ing from start to finish, meteoric sinkholes of skewed-to-the-roof guitar / drum interplay on a downwards spiral with slipstreams of synthesiser shrapnel hot on their tail - POWERFULLY psychedelic, but in a febrile, Death Metal kinda way, strung out, indigestible groove steam-rolling under indistinguishable Trout Mask “melody” that is, at least technically speaking, nailed to the floor - so tight! In terms of highlights we have to mention the closing track - “God’s Will To Gain Access” - an incredible, extended atmospheric drum intro that crashes into a soaring, aching piece that feels like head-rush Abruptum before dissolving into the emo-elegiac calm of the synthesised outro akin to Uroceras Gigas’ solo outing as Vymethoxy Respiders. Yep! Gonna save further blethering for later down the line, when we are inevitably still talking about this record. At the moment, it doesn't feel right to keep comparing it to other stuff, because "MMTV" doesn't seem to borrow much. It questions more than it borrows, it (ahem) BURROWS, forming new crevices for ideas to grow.



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