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Not to be confused with the Swedish geezers who dress up like total bell-ends, THIS particular goat (SMALL G Y'HEAR) is an Osaka-based outfit led by one Kishiro Hino, who you've might've come across through his solo, techno-compatible (but wilfully skittish and grid-melting) rhythm experiments as YPY - album on Where To Now?, good 12" on Nous, etc. goat have been around a while apparently, but this is the first time their music has appeared on vinyl, and unsurprisingly it's EM who've made it happen. Skimming tracks from the band's two CD releases, it attempts to translate to the studio their intensely locked-on and dead-eyed live show - with sax, bass, guitar, and drums - and does a grand job. No wooly business, but rather driven forward by a fanatically precise and remorseless rhythm section that feels like some kind of a missing link between Moebius & Plank, Nissenenmondai and Konono No.1... tracks range from hectic, high-velocity outrock paroxysms that feel aligned to the oldest and best traditions of Cope-cornered Japanese psych, to more spacious and unmistakeably contemporary-sounding, dub-cratered excursions which - a bit like the space-time-warping mbalax of Ndagga and Ernestus - feel at once otherworldly and rootical. Stunning record! 







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