Jay Glass Dubs

New Teeth For An Old Country
Jay Glass Dubs
New Teeth For An Old Country
  • Cassette

"Bokeh Versions presents more outernational transmissions from the fringes of dub music. Moving from light to dark across 45 minutes of dub electronics, New Teeth for an Old Country references Jay’s native Greece - steeped in glacial classicism it’s refined and dark as hell. This is dub strictly in the abstract - snatches of horns, a distant scream of organ - Jay Glass Dubs comes across like some bedroom-producer Bauhaus sacrificed to the On-U-Sound mixing desk. BKV 007 follows an under-the-radar run of ‘Compound Dub’ dubplates and the hottest dancehall mixtape of the year (Glacial Dancehall) on Bokeh. Jay recently completed a trilogy of tapes on Hyle Tapes, THRHNDRDSVNTNN and Seagrave. Forthcoming releases on The Tapeworm and anòmia foreshadow his debut 12” on Bokeh Versions next year." - Bokeh Versions


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